Chapter 20 – Escape from BAF, take two… 2009

This is a fun story that just came up in a thread – stimulated ping session with Wonder Woman who had her own escape adventure in 2010. –

Sometime in 2009 – not time stamped, and no photos – this was no time to be taking pix..

Getting VISA’s alone was a challenge – we had worked out a system, so we could get VISA’s, tho limited for us Civilians..

the Other hack was, finding a contractor charter, to get us straight from Dubai – to Jalalabad, via BAF… as long as we can walk off base..

There are literally thousands of contractors that take these hops every week..  we just meld in to the herd, except, we would chug in as much booze as we could – and knowing that at BAF, they had banned us from leaving the Tarmac, which I think was a really smart decision..

however, on occasion , there are burps.. shit hapens..

but one thing I learned in my 2006 mission was, think on your feet, and get the fuck off base. PERIOD.

SO, at this point, DFS customers were allowed to come hang out at the hanger… then they announced, JAF (Jalalabad) was flooded, so they will not continue.. please turn in your CACs so we can in-process you.

Oooops, my bad, i didn’t have one, so I told them staying on base was not an option for, so i slid off to go get a Coffee at the Pat Tillman USO..  My Coffee Shop manager from 3 years earlier was not on duty, so i grabbed my backpack, looked up a map online, and found the nearest gate  . . . to get off the base.

my cell phone cell sim had expired, and i am carrying a bag full of Capn Morgan and a special bottle of Single Malt Scotch for a special person. I got to the center square, hide my bag, and go get a fresh SIMM – Okay, got comms !

I dial baba Tim – I need an out..

Bro, if you can Get off the base, Ill send someone to grab you..

The Gate Dr. Dave and I had used in 2006 was no longer there, it had got blown up during a VIP visit – So I walk a couple miles to ECP1 (A Drive Through “only” Gate) – The sentry would not let me walk off, however – I asked if I could jump in the back of one of the Trucks leaving, would that be cool?- Sure..! Sweet.

A few hours later, on the road back to Jbad.. even tho there was a standard tanker overturned on one of the passes.. smell the fuel.. I was at least outside the wire and on my way home to Taj.

We sat back, and chilled  – got home by midnight.. ZaZii saved my life that night..   I am grateful.



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