Reachback – Chapter 8 – CIG INT

This will all come around after a few chapters, but want to start with — //


2006.   Sitting in the smoking area, of LSA Kuwait, just outside the cyber cafe, next to the coffee joint  ~ enjoying a menthol, striking up conversations with total strangers, that had one thing in common, we like to smoke. There are so many situations, drills and real time actions, that taking a smoke break gives the best intel in the world. Black Hat, HOPE, Burning Man, or the Fish Market by the Dam in Duranta..   Brilliant endorphin seeking minds take a smoke break, and we talk to each other – true CIG INT.

Back to LSA, One young grunt exclaims, “man, its so strange being inside the wire ~ we got pizza hut, green beans and civilians hanging out with us, what do you do?”


I am on a 5 year mission to live outside the wire.  Find a home, Bring in some phat internet,  build a WiMax mesh net for the hospital and schools, put in a few wells, then go home.   First trip in, don’t have a funding line, but we are trying to talk our way onto a C17 hop to Bagram, just gotta find some damned body armor.   Mission accomplished, From there, we plan to hitch hike to Kabul and find a ride to Jalalabad.  And that is exactly what we did.

My geek background is Electronic Warfare and Signal Intelligence with the Navy. That was many years ago, so now I am a Free Ranger – looking to do Reachback and DO Good, … in the words of Dr. Dr. Dave – Save The Willing First !

In the mid 90’s I met a guy named Dave Warner, he was a med student at loma linda ~ he had big visions, and I was very interested in taking part in his visions to better the world.    10 years later, we would be sitting in the Pat Tillman USO on Bagram air field in Afghanistan,

trying to figure out how to get OFF the base.

We were allowed transport into BAF, but that was the end of the line without a funding line – so I took a smoke break with the Afghan that ran the coffee hut.. told him we are two doctors that need to get to the Care Hospital in Kabul stat. He offered us a ride.  Sweet.

Five days later, I am in my first Jirga – with local elders to see if they will allow the Rotary School and Computer Lab in Chapahara.  UBL’s old stomping grounds.  I had to request local clothes because the high speed black on black ssf outfit was very hot that December Day.



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