Reachback – Chapter 10 – JalalaGOOD


Lou and Peretz showed up, part of Mullah Todds San Francisco Tribe, Very Brilliant and Very creative humans, they spent months working locals in Education and Technology, Being the son of a welder, Lou warmed my heart with her skills ! And Peretz even Coached a local Basketball Team for a Tournement in Kabul. One of the top Geeks that was on site in the FabLab from Day 1 was Hameed, and they ran a blog that is very interesting. We encourage anyone interested in life in Afghanistan take a read of their posts.

For more deep info, check this online only story that was very hard to find. Peretz is a very good writer – this story alone could be a movie. Thank you Peretz and Lou ! Love you guys !!

Reachback – Chapter 7 – Scout, Our Kuchi Dog partner

One thing that will boggle the mind, is Dogs in Afghanistan, Kuchi Dogs are treated like dirt, they are the most awesome breed I have ever shared space with. Loyal, great climbers, natural herders (there were some bloody fingers of the kids at the Fablab) which was the first alarm, but also protective, but need the Alpha human around to be happy. Tho they play an important role in defending the camp, or village. Locals totally freak out at how we americans treat and love our canine friends. During Ramadan (aka ramazan) , if a dog touches a Muslim during ramazan, they are desecrated. Totally freak out. My heart literally broke when we lost scout due to mysterious circumstances, Scout was my room mate @ Taj, and my friend, but I was NOT Alpha. I will also add, having a “pet” dog that you love, in a war zone, is a very bad idea if you are not 100% on station with your dog. Nuff Said. But for me, I slept much better at night knowing that Scout was on station.

Even so, I had a pack of Wild Dogs that I would feed every night off the babadeck, and they were comfortable to occasionally sleep there.   A couple wanted SO BAD just to be petted, and loved, taken in, but I knew I couldn’t do that.  Best security in the world is the Alert you get from the pack.   One year a newbie guard was chasing them off, I went out and told them to stand the fuck down.  This pack works with you.  You need to appreciate that.  Lost in translation.  TIA.

Reachback – Chapter 6 – Beer Price Indicator of Threat Level

In the early days, we had connections, folks that could roll to Kabul for a night run, main road, or via the ladaban pass depending on the check points, and hit up the suppliers for cases of beer for 30-40. $$ – Then in 2009 – the clamp down happened, our hauls were being shut down by the NDS check points out of Kabul – so we had to go native on beer ops. That basically means, you deal with the beer mafia. So we Did.

Started out around 120. case (4x the normal price) then ramped up to over $200 case as things heated up. Didn’t matter what the price, just that there was availability, gave us hope, a sense of normality in a strange place.